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Ezam reveals billions of Ringgit siphoned out over the last month


Ezam Mohd Noor, the National Justice Party Youth Leader, revealed that billions of Ringgit had been siphoned out over the last one month.

Speaking at a multi-racial gathering outside Anwar Ibrahim's hospital ward on 1 January 2001, Ezam said he has received information that, while Muslims were fulfilling their religious obligation to fast and do good during the recent Muslim month of Ramadhan, Mahathir had been robbing the country of billions of Ringgit.

Two cases that are already well-known to all Malaysians are the bailouts of Malaysian Airlines (MAS) and the Light Rail Transit (LRT) which is costing the nation billions of Ringgit. However, added Ezam, he has been given information by government insiders that, unknown to most Malaysians, many more billions were quietly siphoned out in that same period.

One National Petroleum Company (Petronas) officer told Ezam, recently, Petronas was asked to transfer 1,500 million Ringgit into a bank account that supposedly is to finance the completion of the Petronas Twin Towers building in Kuala Lumpur.

"But the building has already been fully completed some time ago," said Ezam. "Why the need to transfer 1.5 billion Ringgit to pay for a building that is already complete?"

Ezam also said that when he was in Mecca recently to do his pilgrimage (Umrah), he was told by a Malaysian official there that the Pilgrims Fund (Tabung Haji) was told to fork out 2 billion Ringgit to bail out a company owned by one of Mahathir's close friends.

Then, added Ezam, the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) was told to use 1 billion Ringgit of its money to bail out the company of another close friend of Mahathir.

Ezam mentioned the companies concerned as well as the names of these friends of Mahathir.

Ezam declared that, on 14 January 2001, the Youth Movement would be conducting a road show throughout Malaysia to inform all Malaysians of these cases. The money from the Ministry of Finance, Petronas, EPF, and the Pilgrims' Fund all belong to the people. Mahathir has siphoned out billions of the people's money for the use of his friends. Malaysians will have to be given the facts.

While Ezam was talking an Indian Special Branch officer recorded his speech on videotape, probably to be used against him later.

According to another National Justice Party Youth Movement leader, they expect Ezam to be arrested soon in a bid to silence him and prevent him from revealing what he knows. Ezam, however, has prepared for the worse and will step up his activities nevertheless.

Ezam said that last Hari Raya (January 2000) he was arrested and charged under the Official Secrets Act. This Hari Raya (December 2000) he was arrested and charged for rioting in a police station. Ezam promised that next Hari Raya (December 2001) it would be Mahathir's turn to be arrested and charged for his many crimes.

Ezam knows his days are numbered and he would have to move fast and push hard for this prediction to come true. Mahathir can expect to face a very determined Youth Leader committed to his downfall in the year 2001.


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