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Press Statement

By Teng Chang Khim, National Chairman of the DAP Socialist Youth (DAPSY) and Selangor State Assemblyman for Bandar Klang on 13.4.2001

The DAPSY condemns the police for invoking the draconian Internal Security Act 1960 (ISA) to detain the seven Parti Keadilan Nasional leaders and reformists.

It is most disgusting for the police to accuse the seven and others for planning to violently overthrow the government and were in the process of arming themselves with explosives, grenade launcher and petrol bombs when not even a shred of evidence is adduced by the police to substantiate their allegations. Undoubtedly, the police allegations against them are, hitherto, baseless and unwarranted.

I am puzzled by the Prime Ministerís statement yesterday that the evidence of such allegations would be decided by the police. The Prime Minister has to understand that evidence is not something to be decided by the police but something that tends to prove or disprove any matter of fact.

The police must convince the public that they have something that tends to prove or disprove their allegation against the seven and others. If they do have such evidence, there are sufficient provisions of laws that deal with the situation when the seven are prosecuted in the court of law. Resorting to the ISA to detain the seven without trial merely demonstrates the inability of the police to carry out their duties in accordance with the rule of law. Failure on the part of the police to prove their allegations would further erode the public confidence in the police force.

In the era of globalisation, such arrest and detention without trial would certainly bring disrepute to the country and damage the effort to promote the country as the center for investments and developments.

The DAPSY urges the police to release the seven immediately or to charge them in court if there are sufficient evidence to prove their guilt as alleged.

Teng Chang Khim

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