"Reformasi Menegak keADILan"

All BA members equal partners: Wan Azizah

7.45pm, MON: Keadilan president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail today urged Barisan Alternatif (BA) coalition members to cease politicking through the media, stressing that all parties within BA were equal partners.

She said in spite of the recent DAP-Keadilan squable, Keadilan regards consensus in decision-making as a basic feature of the BA structure.

"The parties within BA are equal partners and should be given full say on important matters," said Wan Azizah in a media statement from Lunas.

"Politicking regarding BA internal issues through the media should cease," she said, referring to the wrangle between DAP and Keadilan over the BA candidate for the Lunas state seat.

DAP was unhappy with Keadilan's choice of Saifuddin Nasution Ismail over DAP's S Neelamekan, but conceded after several meetings between the BA leaders in Kuala Lumpur.

The squabble have been hogging the media headlines with DAP leaders criticising Keadilan for bulldozing their way into Lunas which DAP considered its traditional seat.



Wan Azizah said that "intrigues and subterfuge aimed at brow-beating a coalition partner into submission should not be part of BA politics".

In managing the coalition which had made tremendous progress in the course of the last 20 months, the BA Council of Leaders should formulate guidelines that will help to enhance its cohesiveness and effectiveness, she said.

The differences in opinion related to electoral strategies and had nothing to do with fundamental values, principles and policies, such as power sharing between the communities within the context of a multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-cultural Malaysia, she added.

She also said that Keadilan was "deeply distressed that the selection of the candidate for the Lunas by-election and the entire Lunas episode had led to a misunderstanding of Keadilan's political orientation and intention".

"We realise that there is considerable unhappiness within a segment of the Indian community over the episode," she said, adding that it has accentuated the feeling of marginalisation and alienation within the community.

"The marginalisation of the Indian community which has been brought to the fore by the Lunas episode should be addressed as a matter of urgent priority by Keadilan and other BA parties," she said.


Reject BN

Meanwhile, DAP chairman Lim Kit Siang, in a separate statement, called on Lunas voters to send a clear message of disapproval of the Barisan Nasional government by voting for BA's Saifuddin.

He admitted that it was unfortunate that the run-up to the Lunas by-election had led to a BA crisis revolving round the marginalisation of Indians.

"This is an important question which must be addressed as it affects the viability of BA," added Lim.

He said the DAP central executive committee had called for a cooling-off period until after the by-election for a comprehensive review of DAP within BA so as to not adversely affect the Lunas by-election result.

Polling day for the Lunas by-election is on Wednesday which also happens to be the first anniversary of last year's general elections.Malaysiakini