"Reformasi Menegak keADILan"

Lunas by-election running commentary


Latest news from Lunas
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As at 8.30pm today

BA won eight out of ten voting centers as follows:

Latest election results from Lunas
1. Sungai Limau - BA - won by 64 votes
2. Kampong Naga Lilit - BA - won by 326 votes
3. Kampong Lunas - BA - won by 459 votes
4. Taman Sejahtera - BA - won by 3 votes
5. Pekan Lunas - BA - won by 290 votes
6. Pekan Selasih - BA - won by 524 votes
7. Kampong Sago - BA - won by 350 votes
8. Simpang Tiga Keladi - BN - won by 88 votes
9. Pondok Paku ??? - BN - won by 2 votes
10. Jalan Serdang - BA - won by 5 votes (unofficial)

Overall (unofficial) results - BA 10,000 plus votes against BN 9,000 plus votes. Confirmation will be known by 9.00pm.

As at 6.30pm today

Polling at the Lunas by-election ended at 5.30pm today. The voter turnout was higher compared to the last General Election exactly one year ago and an estimated 75% or more voters came out to vote.

The National Justice Party (keADILan) has so far won Sungai Limau where it garnered 244 votes against the National Front's 180 votes.

Counting is still going on at all counting centers. The Alternative Front (BA) is keeping a tight security at all counting centers, especially during break fast and prayer times from 7.00pm to 7.30pm..

As at 11.30am today

Police and supporters of the opposition Alternative Front are currently escorting 17 busloads of phantom voters out of Lunas.

Top officials of the ruling National front, including Tan Sri Khalil, tried to intervene and pressure the police into releasing the phantom voters. The police, however, realising that such an action may invite bloodshed, refused to kowtow to the BN officials.

The registration numbers of the buses have been circulated all over Lunas and the BA election machinery has been told to keep a lookout for these buses lest they try to sneak in again.

Every election and by-election the opposition faces the same problem of rampant cheating by the ruling BN. Amongst the normal tricks used are phantom voters, missing voters, and money paid for each vote.

As at 10.30am today

12 busloads of suspected phantom voters are currently being detained at the Lunas police station. According to Ruslan Kasim, Information Chief of the National Justice Party, “The police are conducting investigations as to who these people are. They are mostly Indians with a few Malays.”

Ruslan added, “Unfortunately, the police have still not completed their investigations and already they are under pressure to release these people. Tan Sri Khalil is presently at the police station and is asking the police to release these people immediately.”

Azmin Ali, a Selangor State Assemblyman from the National Justice Party, intervened and stopped the attempts to get these people released.

Tension is high in Lunas and the riot police are making their rounds expecting trouble between the ruling National Front (BN) and the opposition Alternative Front (BA).

Last night, in what was viewed as a threat to the non-Malays, the Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir, warned the Lunas voters of the danger of another May 13 (the infamous racial riot of 1969) if they voted opposition.

Every election and by-election, the Prime Minister uses the threat of May 13 on the non-Malay voters. This time, however, it may have backfired as, of late, Dr Mahathir, has been throwing one threat too many against the Chinese.

Dr Mahathir also called the Chinese “ungrateful” and that it was the government that saved them from bankruptcy. Before this Mahathir called the Chinese extremists and Communists and asked them to go back to China if they wanted a Chinese education.

If the rampant cheating in Lunas is allowed to go on, Dr Mahathir’s prediction of another racial riot may just come true. The BA workers in Lunas have just about reached the limit of their patience on the dirty tactics being used by the BN over the last few days and they are determined that the phantom voters should not be allowed to vote. According to the BA, force will be used if necessary to ensure this does not happen.

On Sunday, Dr Xavier, a Supreme Council Member of the National Justice Party, received information that there are 1,600 Indian voters registered in a certain area that does not have that high an Indian population. Thousands more are registered in a squatter settlement that does not exist. On top of that, more than 2,000 voters are missing form the electoral roll, some who have been voting in Lunas for the last few elections.

Attempts by the BA leaders to meet the Election Commission officials have failed in what looks like collusion between the Election Commission and the ruling National Front to ensure a BN win in Lunas through fraud.

As at 8.15am this morning

The registration numbers of the five buses detained for ferrying phantom voters to Lunas are as follows:

BFE 4811, a school bus, BEY 3370, WDD 5115, BDM 6689 and WHM 9585 all factory buses.

Eight truckloads of riot police, complete with water cannons and full battle dress, have been sent to the area in anticipation of trouble.

The BA leaders have agreed to defuse the situation by handing the five busloads of Indians over to the police.

As at 7.30am this morning

The BA workers have stopped five busloads of phantom voters.

According to Ruslan Kasim, Information Chief of the National Justice Party, "They are all Indians from Kuala Lumpur. They came in factory buses, school buses, tour buses, and so on. Many more buses got through earlier."

Ruslan added, "We have asked the police for help but the police let them through. It looks like the police are cooperating with them. The situation is very tense. If this continues it is going to lead to trouble. The people are getting very angry about this matter."