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Pilihanraya Kecil


29 NOV 2000




Baca Laporan Perhimpunan 100,000 Rakyat



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FAC News - Running commentary on the "Raya Gathering of 100,000 People"

5.30 - The Police attempted to arrest 6 students for putting up a banner saying "Nyah Mahathir" (Oust Mahathir) but Kahalid Jaafar succeeded in negotiating their release.

4.21 - The police have come to break up the gathering. However the participants surrounded them and block the police. The Police withdrew and issued a warning that they will come and break up the gathering if any ceramah is held. All we are allowed to do no is stand there in show of support.

The police have also closed the road and diverted traffic to a small village road. This has caused many to become lost and find themselves on a route back to Kuala Lumpur.

To get to the site now takes and hour due to the overwhelming number of cars causing a major traffic jam.

4.00 - Lim Kit Siang is now here and so is Wan Azizah, President of the National Justice Party.

The Police have totally closed the road. They are now ready for action. They have 1 water cannon, and a few trucks. There are about a few hundred of them here right now.

There more participants are coming in. The road is now overflowing and the jam is stretched for 7 km. Some people are now parking far way and walking for around half and hour just to reach the site.

The Police has threatened to arrest those who participate in the Chinese dragon/lion dance.

2.46 - Tension is building up between the organizers and the police. The organizers wish to hold a Chinese dragon/lion dance but the police refuse to allow it, claiming that a special permit is required to hold a Chinese dragon/lion dance. They are still negotiating with each other.

The growing crowd of  people are now becoming more and more restless and angry. They have began shouting "REFORMASI" and "Undur Mahathir Undur".

The police are still making it difficult for people to park their cars, making it hard for people to participate.

2.00 - The crowd has started to come since 12.00. Now there is a  few hundred people.

The police have closed both sides of the road for about 1km in each direction. They have also set up a few roadblocks and are preventing people from parking. This will obstruct a majority of the participants who travel to the site by car.

The riot police have begun patrolling in 3 or 4 areas.

The weather here is very good. Clouds are blocking the sun so its not too hot.

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