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Anwar's lawyer sends another letter to KLGH


S. N. Nair & Partners, solicitors for Anwar Ibrahim, sent another letter to the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital on 22 January 2001 clarifying why Anwar is seeking microsurgery for his back condition.

(Full text of the letter, “Proposal For Microsurgery For Dato Seri Anwar Bin Ibrahim To Be Performed By Experienced Dedicated Spine Surgeons At A Dedicated Spine Center”, can be read here).

This is the second letter in a month. The first one was sent on 5 January.

Apparently, the letter was in response to a letter from the hospital dated 13 January requesting evidence of the benefits and superiority of microsurgery as opposed to the conventional “open surgery”.

From the tone of the letter as well as feedback received by FAC News, the hospital is holding back approval and has asked for further clarification before they consider Anwar’s request for microsurgery.

Earlier, the Ministry of Home Affairs had written to the Health Ministry asking the hospital to send Anwar back to prison the soonest possible.

The Minister of Home Affairs who is also Malaysia’s Deputy Prime Minister said it is not fair that Anwar should be in hospital when other prisoners need to be in prison.

The Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir Mohamad, in turn said Anwar is faking his back problem and that Anwar is good at making up stories. The Prime Minister cited Anwar’s student days as an example and said Anwar made up stories of people starving in the rural village of Baling so that he could organise anti-government demonstrations.

According to sources close to the Deputy Prime Minister, Abdullah is coming down hard on Anwar to “neutralise” him before he (Abdullah) takes on Mahathir later this year. It has been reported that Abdullah is mobilising support to confront Mahathir with an ultimatum - resign or get kicked out.

Abdullah, however, has been advised to “take care of Anwar” before he takes on Mahathir as kicking Mahathir out while leaving Anwar “intact” would just “open the door” for Anwar’s political comeback.

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