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  • Youth Movement protests the appointment of Federal Court judge

    The National Justice Party Youth Movement has protested the appointment of Mohtar Abdullah, Malaysia's former Attorney General, as a Federal Court judge. 

    In a media statement released to the press on 23 January 2001, Youth Head Mohd Ezam Mohd Nor said he believes Mohtar's appointment "is not only inappropriate but detrimental to the judiciary’s image".

    Ezam went on to say, "During the sham trial of Anwar Ibrahim, his case against Anwar Ibrahim was repeatedly exposed to be nothing more than a fabricated conspiracy. Even the facts of the case could not be ascertained conclusively. His conduct as an Attorney General has proven that he has not been performing in the interests of justice but under orders from a privileged few."

    "Given his proven lack of impartiality, we question his appointment as a Federal Court judge. A man who is so blatantly biased that he is unable to distinguish loyalty to a political master with responsibility to the important office which he is supposed to discharge cannot be appointed to be a Federal Court judge without bringing the judiciary into further disrepute."

    "All his actions have so far pointed to Mohtar being a lap-dog of the Barisan Nasional leaders. His appointment as a Federal Court judge makes a mockery out of the intention of the new Chief Justice, His Honor Tan Sri Dzaiddin Abdullah, to reform the Malaysian judiciary and restore public confidence in this institution."

    Mohtar, as Attorney General, pursued the case against Anwar Ibrahim. Anwar's trial was marred by inconsistencies and contradicting statements by witnesses while the charge dates had to be changed three times.

    The condominium where Anwar was supposed to have committed the crime was not yet built on the first charge date while Anwar was out of the country on the second date. The prosecution got lucky on the third date - though they could not pin down the actual date and had to leave it a "flexible" period of "one day within the three months".

    Anwar was able to account for his whereabouts on each and every day of those three months with strong alibis that were never discounted by the prosecution. Nevertheless, the court still found Anwar guilty and sentenced him to a total of 15 years in jail.

    Legal observers have stated that, in any other country, Anwar would have been discharged without his defense even being called and they cannot comprehend how the court could have proceeded with the trial, let alone found him guilty.

    Many believe Anwar is a victim of trumped up charges and that he was found guilty in a sham trial.


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